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Lumen app for iPhone and iPad

4.5 ( 9245 ratings )
Games Puzzle Strategy
Developer: Bridger Maxwell
1.99 USD
Current version: 2.5.1, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 15 Jul 2008
App size: 7.04 Mb

The objective of Lumen is to light up all the checkpoints in the puzzle by bouncing, coloring, and maneuvering a laser beam through obstacles.

Lumen is meant to be picked up quickly, and enjoyed endlessly. There are only 5 simple parts to learn before you can begin playing. Gameplay is unlimited, as Lumen has access to over 2,100 online user-submitted puzzles.

Puzzles can be enjoyed leisurely, even put down and resumed later, as there are no timers or scores. Just sit back and relax with Lumen.

Beginners may want to start with the puzzle "A beginner game" in the easy category.

Need a challenge? Try the puzzle "Mystery Box" in the hard category, and good luck!

Pros and cons of Lumen app for iPhone and iPad

Lumen app good for

NOOOO!!! Ill be honest, I dont really like the update... The reflectors now look weird with the 3-D effect and it is confusing. Choosing which way the reflector is facing is now difficult. Suggestions: 1. Make the reflectors like how they were before. 2. Make the choice of reflectors back to where you could choose from any direction rather than having to tap between 2. Its a lot faster that way. 3. Having us be able to create or own levels and save them. 4. Turn the filters back to how they looked before. They were much nicer without bring jewels. Thats it for now. Thanks for a great game but I find it now more difficult to play after the update. It would be nice to have some thing downgraded. Thanks!! P.S: 4 dollars is a bit expensive. You should change it back to 2.
Definitely worth the $2. A great game, with unlimited number of puzzles makes this a superb value. There is no end to this game as there is always one more puzzle, and more puzzles always being created. Great for the subway, great for any time you want a quick puzzle. I recommend it to everyone.
It is easily the best or one of the best puzzle games for the ipod on the market. It has so many levels, that it is basically impossible to get bored of it!
You cant get a better puzzle game, clever, polished, pretty, infinate puzzles with the puzzle editor and online submitions. The game is only a little more than a coffee, just get it. (would love to have just a couple sounds though, like for placing prisms, gems and winning, I bet you could come ip with some pretty light related sounds.)
This was the first app I ever bought and I must say it is well worth it. Game concept, controls, and features are all great!
Absolutly worth the two dollars to buy. If thoust be-ith not puzzle folk, avoidth thee they must...

Some bad moments

Most of the puzzles leave you hanging at the end. There is a direct beam going to a checkpoint, you change all possible colors of the beam through the most proximate filter, the beam is hitting the checkpoint......and nothing happens. It fails to activate it. This happens consisently with the last couple of checkpoints, and many times in the middle of the game. Some of the puzzles are worse than others in that regard. The authors of the game should check the puzzles to ensure that they actually work on a 3G iPhone (2.0.2. software) and provide an update soon!
Loved the demo and hate the full version. The game should automatically advance to the next and more difficult level after each puzzle is subsequent solved. I want my money!!!!
I personally love this app! Top 3 favorite app in the whole store! 5 stars all the way!
...The "Way To Easy" puzzle is in the shape of a swastika, is that purposeful or am I being to P.C. ?