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Awsome before the update

NOOOO!!! Ill be honest, I dont really like the update... The reflectors now look weird with the 3-D effect and it is confusing. Choosing which way the reflector is facing is now difficult. Suggestions: 1. Make the reflectors like how they were before. 2. Make the choice of reflectors back to where you could choose from any direction rather than having to tap between 2. Its a lot faster that way. 3. Having us be able to create or own levels and save them. 4. Turn the filters back to how they looked before. They were much nicer without bring jewels. Thats it for now. Thanks for a great game but I find it now more difficult to play after the update. It would be nice to have some thing downgraded. Thanks!! P.S: 4 dollars is a bit expensive. You should change it back to 2.

Very Polished App...

Definitely worth the $2. A great game, with unlimited number of puzzles makes this a superb value. There is no end to this game as there is always one more puzzle, and more puzzles always being created. Great for the subway, great for any time you want a quick puzzle. I recommend it to everyone.


It is easily the best or one of the best puzzle games for the ipod on the market. It has so many levels, that it is basically impossible to get bored of it!

Best puzzle game ever

You cant get a better puzzle game, clever, polished, pretty, infinate puzzles with the puzzle editor and online submitions. The game is only a little more than a coffee, just get it. (would love to have just a couple sounds though, like for placing prisms, gems and winning, I bet you could come ip with some pretty light related sounds.)

Sweet I got it on Sale for $0.99!

This was the first app I ever bought and I must say it is well worth it. Game concept, controls, and features are all great!


Good game, but greenmachine level is a swastika, not cool.


Lite版で気にいりましたので、購入しました。 難易度もそこそこ(思考の渦にハマるとかなり悩むw)でよくできたパズルゲームです。 内容的には★★★★★ですが、いかんせんバッテリーの消費がかなり激しくなります。 ぜひ、改善頂きたいです。 Because I was for Lite and liked it, I purchased it. It is the puzzle game that is good in a moderate degree of difficulty. It is ★★★★★ substantially, but there is considerably much consumption of the battery. Please be improved by all means.


パズルの数は多く、見た目にも不満はないんですが、二点、納得のいかない仕様があります。 ひとつめは、レーザー照射器を設置できる場所が限られていること。空いているマスならどこでも置けるというわけではなく、いくつかの候補地から選ばされます。もうひとつは、レーザー照射器の向きを自由に変えることができず、設置箇所に応じて勝手に決められてしまうこと。 この二点により、選択肢がしぼられてしまいます。事実上、ヒントをあたえられているようなものです。無用かつ有害な制限だと思わざるを得ません。 i dont like the restrictions that the emitter cannot be placed freely and its direction to face cannot be choose. it spoils the fun of pursuing the possibilities.

Save your money

This "game"(if you call it that) is terrable, wow!


Absolutly worth the two dollars to buy. If thoust be-ith not puzzle folk, avoidth thee they must...

My kind of game!

I like puzzle games that challenge my mind without stressing me out, and this one fits the bill quite nicely. I really like the support for user-contributed puzzles, which means theres almost no end to the variations I can play. Plus, the list of games shows you which puzzles youve solved. Very nicely done!

reat game, but a battery killer??

Great game, very well done, great value for the price. But I do notice on my Touch, I swear I can almost see the battery icon drain while I am playing it. Other games I can play for hours (ok, maybe hour; ADD runs in my family) without nearly that consumption. Is it possible something has the cpu cranked up eating power unnecessarily?

Awesome puzzle game

Great game. Very tough and almost endless puzzles. Priced very fair

Cool stuff

So many puzzles, youll never run out. Interesting and unique game at a decent price. Graphics kick butt too.

Really good stuff

Im not a big gamer, but really enjoy this one. I really appreciated Bridger putting out the Light version so we could try it first. I liked it so much that I bought the full. I noticed, like others, that the deflectors were hard to grab. I realized, though, that if you treat each one like a full square, you can grab them easily. And the other common complaint, which I also agree with, is that there seems to be no way to clear the board and start over. I noticed by chance that double-tapping will bring up a menu to clear it or restart. Sorry if both these points were only introduced into the app in an update. I wish Apple would put dates and/or version numbers of reviews so people know that reviews can be out of date. Only thing Id like to see is some chart or something with all the possible color combos so its not trial and error.

Great puzzle game

No timers or points - just solve the puzzles. There are 100s of advanced puzzles alone, and more being submitted by Lumen-lovers all the time. Well made, simple to understand and play, often challenging puzzles.

Glad to see this make it to the iPhone...

Spent many hours with the Mac version. The iPhone version is a nice implementation. Looking forward to spending a lot of time with this one! EDIT: removed comment regarding mirrors. They DO rotate by tapping on them, once placed on the game board. I totally missed this, my apologies. 2.0 Edit: Looks great. Much easier controls. MUCH easier to distinguish between some colors (red/violet for instance). Great update - thanks!

Awesome visuals overhaul

Always a great puzzle game, but new update 2.0 makes it look as good as it plays. Draging blocks seems much more responsive, as well. As always, the full version packs a ton of puzzles.


I like the new icon. Gonna download it now, I just hope theres sound

Great game (Reviewed on August 31, 2008)

This is a nice application, and the recent update makes it a lot more fun to use, both because moving the pieces is much easier and the graphics are much nicer. I would recommend this game to anyone who likes puzzles.

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